Monday, September 15, 2008

Seahawks! Go Hawks!

We went to Seattle to see the Seahawks. My favorite Sister-in-law (Sorry Molly, but cough up some Hawks tickets and the title is yours!) and Brother-in-law (Same goes for you Paul!) ended up with a couple extra tickets. We happened to be free and, well...isn't it obvious? We accepted. I have never been to a large sporting event and figured, "what the heck! It's been thirty-four years, maybe I should go see a major sporting event!"

I may have taken a pictures more than a normal fan. But, I was impressed by the dedication of the fans (Short for fanatics, right?). Almost every one of them was wearing some sort of Seahawk Paraphernalia. Even I had a Seahawks hat...I managed to come across one months ago. Here are just a few of the pictures. Cora will probably have some diffrent ones. You can find her here.
On the up side, we had a great...GREAT! time. On the down side, just at the final stages of the game the 49ers pulled their heads out of their hind ends and spanked the Seahawks on theirs. (Fans of both teams forgive me for my terminology, I am new, like I mentioned, to major sporting events) This sequence of photos shows us on our way, at the game, and leaving! It was an awesome day.

THANKS EMILY AND RYAN!! I might even spend a day or two with the football game on the TV...


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL day..
I love me some football..
Love it live..
Glad you finally got a taste of some sports life..
Have a Great Week..
And don't worry .. you will get the all white sweater for your little girl too..
Hope one day you can make up your mind on names...

Cora said...

It was such a great day! I think we should do that kinda thing more often. Maybe next time you won't have to take so many pictures, But hey we got some good ones.
Love ya

Erin said...

Nothing finer than a 49er! And.... BOOMER SOONER.. GO OU! Sorry Huskies.

Grandma said...

What could be prettier than the blue sky of Seattle.