Saturday, September 27, 2008

Strong-Armed Into A New Fish

So, my parents said they might come visit today. Last night I took off to lay a set of geocaches for them. A Geocache, for us, is a set of clues to a set of coordinates which we find with our GPS. The last one had a book that my dad would like to read. The first one had a noise maker/booby trap. On one of his previous geocaches for us, he left a railroad spike as a marker and also a noise maker. The noise maker was one of those dollar store items that attaches to a window and when pulled from its magnet makes a horrendous noise/squeal. I used a thin piece of green florist wire to attach the two(when you pull it away from its base it squeals!!!!!!!!). I hid the noise maker part (which had the next clue attached) and left the spike in plain sight. The instructions for the cache said grab the spike. He did. Apparently, it was a good thing that both had used the bathroom before leaving on their drive.

It was a journey with eight legs. One used a laser level to determine the next set of coordinates. My Dad or Mom messed up the coordinates up by one digit. They were completely stumped when the coordinates said he should wade into the river...they called after 20 minutes. I gave Mom the right coordinates and they were on their way again.

One clue was hidden in a gourd. Yes, a gourd. It was a dry one from about three years ago...I poked a tiny hole in it and put the clue in it. I then hung it in a crabapple tree...They had to break it open to get it. I guess they had ALOT of fun doing it.

After they visited we went to town for some groceries. Then we stopped at the pet store. We got the six-line wrasse. Cora's idea...totally. I told her we shouldn't...but she twisted my arm and I had to agree. They are really cool.


Erin said...

Cool fish. Bring it to my new restaurant.. Shey Mono. I shall not cook it for you. Interested? See my blog for directions.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the fish..
Great choice Cora..