Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mr. Wonderful...

Yes, you guessed it, it's me. I am Mr. Wonderful. I am the one all you ladies missed out on. Cora got me. And to all you schools out there looking for me...well, E. Valley has me. Sorry, you lose. O.K., maybe I have had a bit of a boost to my ego today... Yesterday, at the elementary, I was told about a new opening for 6th grade. I thought, what the heck, I'll throw my hat in the ring. You never know if you don't try. Of course, I am not specifically certified for 6th grade, but I seem to be doing o.k. at the elementary.

Well, last night I forgot about it. I was going to write a cover letter to let the HR person know of my interest. I forgot to. Today, I was getting ready to leave. Cora was already gone. The phone rang. I was in a bit of a compromised position and was cursing Cora's timing, but made it to the phone on time. It was not Cora, but my beloved Mother-in-Law. She told me about the 6th grade position. I said, yeah, I am going to drop off a cover letter today.

I went to work, subbing again, music again today. Again, several coworkers there reminded me of the open job. I began to get the hint that maybe I should apply for the job already. I talked to Cora and she mentioned it...WHO THE HELL IS TELLING THESE PEOPLE ABOUT THIS DAMNED JOB? Does SOMEONE REALLY want me to get a job? What have I done to them? Has Cora spread the word that I "want" (Probably how Cora would phrase it) to work a permenent position? Not fair! I like subbing.

So, I sat down during the plan period and wrote a cover letter. Then I printed it and took it to a teacher whose opinion I value. She made a couple corrections...basically, I was not being as cocky as I should have been. I believe my wording was a conservative: "usually requested by teachers." Hers was an emphatic: "Ever-increasing" requests keep me away from other schools because they like me at the elementary so much. As we were talking another teacher came in. She said that I was a "Hot commodity." The first teacher suggested jokingly(I hope) that I include that...huh, if only.

So, I was at the end of my day and was escorting my charges to their respective busses when this same lady teacher called to me. I dismissed my last charge (I aimed him in the direction of his bus and hoped he knew his numbers) and made my way over. She said, "this is the Vice-Principal at the school where you are applying." Wow. I said hi and probably sounded a bit goofy, but my friend the teacher said she thought it went well. She later told me that the vice-principal had seen me and asked about me and if I was looking for a job. To which my friend had replied that, coincidentally, I was applying for the position this afternoon. Then she introduced me. Hmmm...I hope that was a good first impression...of course, maybe I can rely on her son/nephew who was apparently in one of my music classes today. He was acting like he was talking to a rock star. I looked around to see if Hannah Montanna had showed up and was standing behind me...nope, darn, I wanted an autograph. He said, "you are the best teacher, Mr. Huffman! You dance funny!" I hope she will take referrences that are from children.

So, I went back to the classroom, locked up and went to leave my cover letter asking to be considered for the job. I hope they do consider me. That would give me a chance to wave that in Cora's Cousin Laura's face...I hope she doesn't get a job, yet! (Laura, you better get some applications out, because I am on your heels without even breaking a sweat!)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay... you are cracking me up..
No wonder I was first on Cora's blog... you are over here bragging about yourself...
I sooo hope you get the new job....
Keeping my fingers crossed for you..
Have a Great Week..
The tank looks great..

Erin said...

Hey Jim did you hear about the 6th grade teacher position open?!!

Looking at the other comment, you have a military tank now? When will it end? And what's the range on that sucker? :-)

Cora said...

Hannah Montana you are not, besides I keep you blond wig a secret, shhh. I am sure even mister wonderful would have been over looked. Love ya

Grandma said...

Hello Mr. Wonderful!
You're having a wonderful streak of good luck. A new fish tank and a new job. While you're on this roll maybe one of the referral will come through. Well, I know the job isn't officially your's yet, but it will be.
Oh yes, Laura will be having a fit if you get it.

Laura said...

Ha Ha ha! Don't count your eggs before they hatch mister! If I do get a job this year I will still have a one up on you, since I wouldn't have to sub for a year before I get a job! So ha! Although you are lucky you live on the other side of the mountains or your arm may be very sore right now!!