Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Books

After going over to Earthbound Misfit's site, I decided to buy one of the books she suggested. I got it yesterday. This afternoon, I was reading it and found a paragraph that was reminiscent of Joseph Heller in Catch 22(this link if you want to check the price). If you have not read Joseph Heller's Catch 22(this link if you want to read about the book), then I definitely recommend it. Then you can pick up a volume by this Daniel Gallery guy.

"The government was trying to maintain control of the streets at home. It does this through a system called the Great Society. In this system, most of the citizens who don't want to work get jobs with the government. Those who won't work for anybody draw relief checks, conduct riots, and burn down obsolete buildings. The rest of the citizens try to earn enough money to stay out of jail for not paying their taxes. This enables the government to make relief payments, to protect rioters from the police, and to defend our freedoms from foreign aggressors (and our allies) who would like to do to us what only our own underprivileged citizens are allowed to do. (Cap'n Fatso, by Daniel Gallery, copyright 1970. Pg.40)"

You have to love authors who love words so much they write entire books with them!!

Today began at 4am, I took Cora to work, came back, and attempted to collect my senses. I headed to the elementary early, figuring on an easy day with 2nd graders. I was quickly asked if I would mind terribly finishing my day at the High School. Why not, it gets out an hour sooner. I went. It's been awhile since I subbed at the High School. Not bad. Especially since I have a certification for it.

Oh, I checked on the sixth grade position. They picked someone last night. Obviously it was not me...dammit.

Cora got home. She is tired, but otherwise unharmed from her day with the BIG BOSSES! We got pizza.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a good day..
Sorry about the job.. must not have been the right one.. it will come along.
Now since your wife is tired.. get to rubbing her feet..

Cora said...

Glad you like your book. I think Kim has a great idea! You should follow through.
Love YA

Grandma said...

Sorry about the disappointment of not getting the job. You deserved it so much so maybe a better one is coming soon.