Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Need a Strong Belt...

No, really! After a summer of hellish happenings, I managed yet another today. I got to go mow the Elementary. I got there late, then at lunch time took the mower home with me to lunch. On the way back from lunch...I lost ANOTHER belt. I stopped, but not before she overheated and began to boil over! First, I thought, "what the heck[me attempting to keep a 'G' rating to the bog], on another mower?!?" Then, I realized, "SHIT! [All pretenses of a 'G' rating have been bid goodbye] This is the same one that lost a belt on me earlier this summer!"...then I thought back...mind you milleseconds are passing..."one of our cars did that years ago...and it was because of the water pump...I wonder if that's the problem here." I located my associates at lunch and informed them of my predicament. They promised to help when they were finished, I presumed this to be some thursday after next. I went back to the elementary to see some of the teachers I have not seen all summer.

I walked in, headed toward the office. All of a sudden three little boys rounded the corner followed by a teacher in something of a dither. She spotted me, I subbed for her last year, and asked me to escort these young mendown to their classroom...somehow they had gotten "lost" nd not made it back to class...these were kinders, so I kinda understood. I took them down the hall and there was their teacher waiting at the end of the hallway. She greeted me with a great big smile and thanks and themwith a stern look. I got credit for being in the right place at the right time...OH HOW I LOVE THE WAY THE UNIVERSE SOMETIMES WORKS[for once it was on my side]. Anyway, I finished my trip and then went back to do the mowing with the small mower.

I rounded a corner in time to see one of my coworkers putting the big broken mower on a trailer, just as a teacher came out of a nearby door and asked me something. I shut down the mower and she asked me if I wanted some ice cream...I don't know about you, but I have never really ever seriously considered turning down an offer of ice cream, so I followed her in and met this year's was the SPED room, so I might actually get to know the new ones pretty well...I already knew several of the others. [Universe was working overtime to make this a good should, too, after yesterday...which reminds me, my shoulder is still sore]

Finally, with minutes to spare, I finished the small mowing. Sometime earlier, I had noted that the Big Mower being absent, so, also, was my ride back to the shop. I called my Father-in-Law asking if he could arrange a ride for me back to the shop. He said yes, but I judged there to be a bit too much glibness in his voice for me to easily trust him..."Something is up," I said to myself...and myself, being the bright, handsome, assertive fellow I am, agreed.

So, over the past week, I have endured countless questions, hints, implications, and accusations about the missing van for which I was possibly responsible for leaving he keys in, even though it was in a locked compound. There has been no word of its whereabouts.

So, I was standing on the sidewalk next to a crossing guard watching kids wander on their ways aimlessly home, when I noticed an apparition, a ghost that could not possibly was a golden looked like a was coming toward me. My Father-in-Law was behind the wheel. Obviously they had located the van. Well, all's well that ends seems little worse for wear and we have everything that left with it...barring the empty gas can. Those thieves EVEN left the broken sprinlers I had put in there...wonder why???

Ahh, now all I am doing is relaxing and watching Bones' season premier!!


Cora said...

I don't have to comment are you sure? I love reading your posts just not always when you want me to. Glad you did not lose the van forever.
Love Ya

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad you found the van..
Have a great Evening..