Monday, September 22, 2008

Stupid Fish

I have a clown fish. His name is Marvin. Cora had a clown fish. His name was Bruce. He died. Mine is still alive. Turns out clown fish are fairly territorial. When I would put my had in Bruce's tank to clean it or rearrange rocks or feed coral, Bruce would make high speed runs on my hand. It did not hurt, but often it came a inopportune times. Usually just as I was considering that bristle worms are supposed to sting. Or simply, I did not expect it and I would jump in a way that was incompensate with the "bite" I had received from Bruce. There was often a spout of cursing shortly after I had bumped the light and then had to make a heroic attempt to save it from falling in the tank...all thanks to a little fish with a big attitude.

Well, Marvin is a Maroon clown. He is supposed to grow up bigger than what Bruce could. Bruce was a Percula Clown. He was only supposed to make 3 inches at best. Marvin is supposed to hit 5 inches or so. I was moving my hand around in his tank last night. I was removing some excess algae and just rearranging some of the rocks. (I was also looking for my stupid urchin) All of a sudden I felt a most insidious thing. Marvin had made a high speed run at my hand and had atempted to take a part of me with him, he doesn't even have teeth, as such. Now, mind you the size comparison between us is...well, he is maybe an ounce, I am 170 pounds. I jumped like a little girl. Stupid fish.

This is not Marvin, but this IS a Maroon clown.


Erin said...

Marvin - 1
Jim - 0

Cora said...

I love our clown fish they are very funny ;0). Also just for the record Marvin is a maroon clown not a tomato clown.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay... that is FUNNY..
Sorry you are scared of a little fish..
Have a Great Week..