Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Streets!

Cora and I decided to go to the Farmers' Market in Yakima.  Our own garden seems to be woefully inadequate and slow to form, and we wanted some fresh vegetables.  As you can see it is a popular attraction.  The menagerie of fruits and vegetables available is intriguing.  There are numerous vendors and options available for a visitor to look at and buy.  Today, there were a few students that I have taught waiting to sell some raffle tickets...they saw me and descended.  I had two bucks, so relented, however, I explained to them we would be at the Hop Festival and to stop in and buy a coloring book.

We wandered the booths and ended up bringing some vegetables home for dinners.  It was a good time.

We finally got home and did some chores and we are now relaxing.  I expect we will have some cordon bleu tonight and perhaps some fresh vegetables.
I leave you a portrait of the two of us.  I eagerly await the arrival of my camera!!

Have a good night!!

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