Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photo Blog

So, I have been threatening to do it and last night I did.  I made ANOTHER blog.  This one is for photos only.  I will be putting them on there as I take them and am happy with them.  As you may or may not know, not every shot is a keeper.  Which was a real bitch when I was using film.  Mind you I was pretty good and could usually get several shots in a roll, but it seemed like an awful waste of money to develop a photo that was out of focus.

Now, of course, I have my precious digital wonder, and it does the focusing for me.  This is the header photo for the new blog.  I had a little fun with the photoshop.  This is a photo from Cora’s new “purse cam,” as I believe she is calling it.  She seems to think I only need one camera…how sorely she is mistaken.  How can I take pictures of my Precious if I don’t have ANOTHER camera?  I know, crazy, huh!?  Expecting that one camera would be enough!  HAH!!


The new blog is HERE.  I may be changing the title, but I liked the address too much to pass it up.

Another new thing I am doing is using Windows Live Writer.  For those of you who blog, give this a shot!  I am amazed at how easy it is to edit photos, write, and publish.  It’s free.  Also, I used the Nikon program to download onto my computer, and blogger was NOT accepting photos from it.  So, when I tried Windows Live Writer, they just went on without a hitch.  Plus, there is none of that sitting idle while your photo uploads to blogger.  You know, that twiddling your thumbs part where you can’t write or do anything else because you might interrupt blogger ogling your photo.  I am really impressed with this and have to hand it to my wife for finding it and recommending it to me.

What are we doing this weekend?  Well, given that the Hop Festival is approaching at something under light speed, we really need to get our shit together and prepare!  We have several (50-75) coloring books to bind.  I started collating the latest batch last night.  I also need to finish up the story.  I have only a couple more pages to do.  (Finding a dragon a home is no easy job, let me tell you that!)  I also want to finalize the irrigation arrangement.

Our lovely city is growing faster than they imagined many years ago.  So, in the past few years they have connected our sewer system with that of Yakima.  We have gotten new schools and the city park has been expanded and improved.  Well, because we did not have irrigation water in the city, we have been forced to use city water to water the lawn and the garden.  Apparently with all these new houses and families who have similar ideas, drinking water has been becoming an issue for the city.  To help with that, the city hooked us up to irrigation!!  Yes!  Now I don’t see as many dollar signs going into the garden.  Also, the faucets on the side of the house always leaked, the new irrigation hose bib does not.  AWESOME!


I also hope to get out and take my Precious to see some new places!  Hopefully, I will find some time to do that between binding coloring books and making sure everything is ready for Hop Festival!   

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Lorrene said...

This picture is the same as being there. If I wasn't so old, I'd find a way to get myself one of these camera's.