Monday, July 26, 2010

Slow Sunday

Sunday started slow.  Somehow we managed to start moving.  Cora went to sew and I mowed the lawn.  I then rearranged the hoses in the back yard so that we more-or-less have automatic sprinklers.  It’s a piece of plumbing genius I tell you.  It uses five hoses, each with a different destination and use.  I had to rearrange where my drip lines feed from, but that wasn’t too hard.  Then I came in and worked on the final drawings for our newest coloring book.  Here, have a look at a few of the sheets:

DSC_0392 DSC_0393 DSC_0394 DSC_0396

We got bored ofstaying around the house and went in to wash the car, get some fuel for it and visit Grandma.  You see, she hadn’t seen My Precious yet.  I even let her hold My Precious!  I even trusted Cora to take our picture with Precious, but I took it back immediately, you never know what ideas might pop into my wife’s head, like “hide the other woman.”  It’s best if I keep Precious within my line of sight.


When we got back, Cora made a neat little chicken and rice casserole and I drew a couple more pictures, and re-edited a couple of those already done.  The Casserole was awesome, I hope she remembers how she did it.

Well, I have another day of work, moving furniture out of one area to the next so that someone can come in and rip out the old flood damaged carpet and put in new stuff…then we will be back and replace the furniture where we found it…or thereabouts (at least it will be in the same building).

We have a lot of work to do before Hop Festival.  How many tables do we use?  How do we mark prices?  How? How? How?  We will make it, but it should be interesting.


Kelly said...

I should NOT have looked at your other blog... makes me want a new camera even more!!!

Lorrene said...

Kelly, that camera does everything, but sing to you. If you happen to move as you snap the picture, the camera will forgive you and let the picture come though perfectly.

ccd said...

Nice picture, good job Cora, maybe you should be the photographer and Jim could be your lighting helper and such =) Just trying to help Jim..

Cora said...

That is OK I will leave the fancy Camera to him. I don't have the patience to learn all of it's fancy tricks.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Amazing photo, Cora! You made Jim look good!!

And no need for her to be you have another woman to drag to boring museums and gov't presentations!

Jimh. said...

Ahhh, Diana, thank you for the complement, I never thought you'd say I look GOOD! I promise not to tell Eric!

Cora said...

did anyone notice the tiny head growing out of Grandma's back or Jim's arm? Creepy, lol