Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hitting Self On Forehead!!

You ever have those days where you want to slap yourself on your forehead?  Those days when you get that horrible cold feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you've made a horrible decision?  Yeah, me neither.

That's not true, of course, but I had to throw that in.  Today WAS one of those days.

We decided to leave town for a bit, if only to forget our new neighbors.  What?  I have not mentioned our new neighbors?  Really!?  You're in for a treat.  We were.

A few weeks ago we found out our next door neighbor has been diagnosed with incurable tumors.  He was not expected to live long.  That in itself is sad, since we are rather fond of him.  However, some people have moved into his house in the interim.  These are unsavory sorts.  We knew this immediately.  I felt bad thinking it just looking at them, but they have since proven our suspicions.

To begin with they smoke like chimneys.  Not so bad.  But we've seen other things.  The mom tripped her own child and then laughed at the child.  Then a pair of them were drinking beer at 8am.  The kids(none older than five) were out till 1030pm the other night.  They spend a inordinate amount of time in their, well, it can best be described as a predator van.  It's not a situation we are fond of.  I guess the mother and grandmother had launched a campaign, the other night, to beg for money for cigarettes as their "man" was gone.  I am not sure how it will end up, but we remain hopeful that whatever happens does not involve us.

OK, back to MY chilled feeling sick moment.  We left to visit Cora's sister.  I decided to leave them to their own devices and I went to purchase a few items for my camera (curses upon Fedex and the USPS).  I needed a semi large memory card (not too expensive) and a UV filter for protecting the lens.  I got my items and one of the salesmen asked me if he could help.  I asked about the suitability of something.  We ended up talking and I described my week long wait.  He said, "You know we PRICE MATCH, right?"

The world got smaller.  I got dizzy.  The sounds around me seemed to fade.  He verified it with his boss and on-line at the Walmart site.  Yes.  They had six in stock.

I. Could. Have. Been. Taking. Photos. All. Week. If. I. Had. Only. Known. THAT!

Curses upon the Camera Attainment Gods!!!!  I am fairly certain they don't like me.

Mine remains "in transit."  I still feel a little bit sick about it.

I know, the rest of you are rolling your eyes.  I know "it's JUST a camera."  I know.  I know!  I KNOW!  I am very patient about most things.  I can wait to get bird seed.  I can wait to get brakes fixed on the car.  I can wait to get new shoes.  I can wait to go pee.  I can wait to get Cora a birthday gift...or a Valentine's Day card.  ONCE in a while, though, there is something I desire SO much.  Need.  Crave.  MUST HAVE!!  That I have difficulties waiting.  (for instance, I was once slightly forlorn when Cora was away on a business trip.)

So, hopefully, you now understand my sad state.

Here are a few pictures from our day!
It started with this spray plane flying low over the hop fields.

Cora and Emily made lunch.

Which turned out to be something very pretty.  Given the surroundings...well, I think it was perfect!!

And the company was great.  Unfortunately, my brother-in-law was absent.  We missed him, but not too much, since we were having so much fun... the pool!
It was a great day and we got to see Emily for a good visit.  Here we are on the way home...well, here Cora is.

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