Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Skies


I took the above picture yesterday morning.  The clouds seemed spread out before me just for a photo…unfortunately, we live in the city and you see our neighbors.  OH, well.

We are dog sitting.  My in-laws went fishing.  Their dog gets seasick and we live on dry land.  She likes it better here.  Pepper is a pretty good dog, so we don’t mind.

Yesterday went well.  I directed my minions and then went off to work by myself.  It was nice.

After work i went to make more copies.  I still have the dreaded process of collating the damned things…probably near 100 books need collating.  Fortunately, my parents offered to help.  I think we will treat them to dinner if we can get this stack of color books amassed for binding. 

Lots to do today.  Among them is the fact that there will be an F7F Tigercat at the museum today.  I intend to be there to take a few pictures!  By “a few” obviously I mean to fill up my card! 

I leave you with Thursday’s sunset.


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Cora said...

I am so glad that you pointed out that we DON'T live on a boat.