Friday, July 30, 2010

A Certain Time of Morning

It was that certain time of morning where you can get up refreshed or try to get back to sleep and be assured of a hard wake-up later.  I chose to getup.  I have had my coffee IV in since 4:15AM...some 45minutes before I even want to THINK about getting up. I have already been outside and noted that it is mild and summer-like.  I expect today to be a warm one.  I like this quiet time of the morning.  No one is stirring, not even me, since i like my coffee black.

I guess I could go for a walk, but that would require getting dressed and letting Cora know my whereabouts, and quite honestly, I think waking her at this time in the morning might be asking for trouble.  I will remain here, sipping my coffee, which is bold and strong and smells so nice.  All I hear is the babble from the fish tank filters and the gentle moan of my chair as I rock slowly to and fro.  Oh, and also the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard.

Once in awhile one of the dogs steps out into the cool night air and they can be tracked via their nails on the floor and the slap-slap of the dog door.  I could read a book, or take my camera outside and see what kind of morning shots I could get.  I noticed that Jupiter is not far from the moon this morning, probably something astronomers knew months ago, but it was a pleasant surprise to me when I stepped out this morning.

How many of you know which planet is Jupiter and which is Venus?  How many of you really give a damn at this time of morning...(crickets chirping) ...that's what I thought.

Well, it seems Friday is here again.  I will be secure in the knowledge that a strange charade will play out in the next week.  I have the singular position of senior maintenance sub.  I have been working as a maintenance sub for five years now.  I am familiar with every one of the maintenance staff and it seems, given yesterdays turn of events, I am in charge of making sure a ton of things gets done...why me?  Dunno.  Could be because of my charm and good looks.  Either way, I need to make sure a number of things get done and if they do that my "crew" stays busy.  Which would be great, but they don't all have those wonderful qualities that I do.

One of them does not know how to drive a stick (manual transmission).  A different one does not have his own car and apparently sees no need to (which is something the rest of us have discussed at length as being somewhat un-American) since he can have his mother or step-father drop him off where ever he wants to be (A. This would annoy me to have to wait for other people, B. I think you have to be crazy or insanely unconcerned with being in control of your life to do this).  And another can be trusted with certain things, but needs to have a certain amount of guidance (he will take over something I have started...leaving me to wonder why he could not have been doing it himself the whole time...).

Also, as if that isn't enough, I have to try and make sure Hose B is not left with Hose A or Hose C, as neither of them seem to like Hose B, and Hose B is of the opinion that everyone is beneath his lofty intellect and therefore unworthy of socialization.  JEEZ, dude!  Just a little conformity will go a long way toward fitting in and making others a little more comfortable with your presence.

Instead, Hose B insists on brushing his teeth for a lengthy period of time (up to ten minutes) AT THE LUNCH TABLE, often just whipping out the toothbrush in the midst of conversation.  He also prefers to use a 15 letter word when two 3 letter words will suffice.  He has been known to begin his phone greetings with "Greetings, Sir, am I to believe we are not to be meeting at X School, as I am unable to ascertain the presence of other employees."  (He could have said, "Are we meeting here?  Nobody else is here yet.")  He has a habit of placing his forehead on the table when the conversation being carried on by us low-lifes is not sufficiently intellectual for him...which is most of the time.  To say he is difficult would be to understate the discomfort he affords others.  I have been sending him off to do lonesome tasks since, when he is out of sight, he is...out of sight.

Well, I guess I could go get ready for work by thinking up a few more nasty projects for them that I want to avoid.  You see, there are perks to being at the top.  I lead by example, unless they can't see me.

Oh, as sort of an update, we are getting more and more coloring books ready.  I am going in to make more copies tomorrow.  Hopefully about five-hundred books will be enough.  Of course, if we sell out, I won't complain.  Cora has been working her tail off making crayon rolls and has finished a fair few!  Everyone is invited to come out to the Moxee Hop Festival!  We will have a table there and it is FREE!!  There is live music and lots of fun for the family!  AND a fireworks show!!    

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Cora said...

apparently, the dogs save up all of their annoying-ness for me this morning. They are driving me and probably the neighbors crazy.

Thank goodness for the weekend!