Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Blog

Cora suggested I make a new blog to devote to the hundreds of photos I expect to take with my new camera to show them off.  I like that idea.  I don't know if they'll be of the highest quality at first while I work into the new camera system.  I've never owned a Nikon until now.  I have been happy with the Canon Elph, but the Nikon just feels so cozy in my hands!  I had a Pentax P3N years ago (Still do, but it eats film and that's expensive to feed)  I figure disk space is cheaper in the long run.  An extra hard drive eventually will also help with that.

So, sorry for digressing.  I plan on using the new blog for photography talk, even though I am a comparative amateur to most.  I DOOOO love to talk.  I think that being a teacher is a good fit for that...but I digress, yet again.

The purpose for this post is to petition you all for names.  I like the name George for my new Nikon, Cora, however, thinks it needs to be something else...why name an inanimate object???  It's fun.  That's it.  Also, instead of spouting off a bunch of photography terms like, "let's take my new Nikon dSLR D-90 with the 18-105mm DX VR lens down to the dock to snap photos of fishing vessels." I might say, "Let's take George down and shoot some ships."  Rolls off the tongue better, don't you think?  Or I could say Fred, but that might confuse matters, since we know a Fred...though, I'm not sure if he would mind me calling a camera Fred, too.  He might become un-amused if we named a new Chihuahua Fred instead...never mind, I digress.  So, I was thinking of using the name of the camera in this new blog, so I need a name!

I think it ought to be unique.  It should be short, that way I am not saying, "Let's take Emmanuel Benjamin Lothar Lewis down to the dock."  You know, something catchy.  Not too cutesy, though.  Nothing like "Puffy" or "Princess."  I don't want my camera looking for sunscreen or sunglasses.  Something fun, yet not overly stuffy.  I don't want to take Reginald down to the dock; that just sounds boring.  I think a Reginald would want to discuss tide schedules instead of take some pictures.  A Spike might want to start a fight and a Joey would just flirt with girls, probably saying in a New Jersey accent, "How you doin'?"  That would just get me in trouble with the mrs.

Cora and I brought up the potential for naming lenses, too. So, then it might be George Joe, or John know...

So, I think you get the picture...err, you will get the pictures when I get the soon-to-be-named camera and get the blog up and running.

We had a great day yesterday.  The heat was high, but not oppressive.  It was a good heat, the kind you don't mind being in the shade with.  I finished the sign.  I think it is ready to soon as I wipe off some bird poop.  (Note to self: do not lure birds to yard with bird feeders if you are not willing to get a little bird poop on yard items...)  I think it looks good.  I will have to take a picture and show you all.  It's a little different from the original, since I am a poor planner, still, it looks good.

Well, Big Brother began Thursday night.  Yes, I am still watching reality TV...I guess I am weak.  It's on again tonight.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Cora said...

I think Niki or Neko and it is definitely a girl since it is your new LOVE.

Kim said...

WOW... I feel for Cora..
Sorry Cora.. you still have me though..