Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Cora and I drove up to E-burg late Tuesday night to meet some people from Illinois that we have met through the adoption blog-o-sphere.  Yeah, I know, weird, but not the first!  Remember this?

Well, these people have their own travel blog, and it is totally worth a look!

I think you get that much energy after being couped up in a motorhome with your family for several weeks.
before they left on their voyage, we sent them some coloring books to while away the time.  I inserted this, thinking they'd appreciate it, but never dreaming they would color, laminate and post it in their window!  How cool is that?

Anyway, we had a great visit and made a great friendship even stronger.  Thanks Diana and Eric for coming to meet us!

and another picture from my lovely new camera.  I am learning my way around it pretty fast.  I am going to master double exposures soon and then i will let you see my work...but, I need more time!!!

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ccd said...

Um.. Your camera made Toby look older, I can see the gray around his eyes in such clarity, but he does look thinner-- or just the same maybe. Oh and he doesn't look a dollar richer-- when does the camera start to work?? You know: thinner, richer, younger looking?

Love you bro ;-)