Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why I Love This Town

It isn't hard to explain.  We like our small town.  Sure, we'd like to have a grocery store closer.  But, really, I like the small town.  I like that the kids know me.  I like the fact that we have very few cops and we usually know where he is.  But the best part is what you see here.  Our little bitty town and its inhabitants are really quite proud of the fact that, despite a county-wide ban on fireworks, we have the right to say, as a city, that we like them.  And BOY DO WE!  Listen to that video and look at these pictures!
Whenever I look at Cora, well, Sparks fly!

If I had a better camera, this shot of the flag and some fireworks would have been much better!
Below, is a sparkler...awesome, huh?
and of course my truck fire!  The sparks flew out of the houdr!

I had to get a good shot of Cora...

It was a nice day!  I am exceptionally proud that we did so much around the house today.  It looks much better.  I was happy to get closer to the end of the sign.  and I am really happy that Cora and I got to spend time with each other...what could be better?

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