Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Later

Each morning now the sun rises a little later.  I guess I don’t mind, I’m at least not getting woke up at 4:30AM now…which is nice.  I also notice the sun is setting earlier too, and that is not good.  I love my late evenings.  But, I have learned that you cannot stop the seasons from changing. 

Speaking of seasons, I am very displeased with the garden this year.  I cut back on the water today, and hope that will help the tomatoes to ripen.  As far as I can see we have numerous small green tomatoes, but not a stinking red one to be seen.  No, that’s wrong.  We harvested one.  ONE TOMATO!

Our Zucchinis have been doing crappy too.  We have gotten a measly three zucchini from our garden this year.  Last year by this time we were absolutely rolling in them.  I’m glad we don’t grow them because we are dependent on that extra food!  We would be starving!

Below you can see the majority of the produce of our bountiful garden.

DSC_0227 - Copy

Yesterday, I copied a whopping 100 color books.  You probably don’t realize, but that is 2500 pages!!  Yeah, I had to dig out the calculator in my phone to double check my calculations.  I went through five reams of paper!  The ladies where I make my copies help pass the time.  A friendlier bunch cannot be found.  I drew them a picture last week while I waited next to the copier.  It was a daisy, around which I placed the words “the ladies of the Bindery brighten my day.”  Yeah, I know, corny.  What I did not expect was for them to put it on a background and laminated it.  It now hangs in a place of honor behind the counter…funny how I used to think people would never actually hang my art!  

Well, another day of work awaits.  Another hot and sweaty day.  I should be paid to walk around and take pictures.  THAT would be a good job for me…  

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Lorrene said...

Yes, and you would be good at it. As to the garden not doing so well, I think it's because Summer got such a late start. I know the tomatoes like hot weather.