Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camera Ready!

I took the money we have saved and scraped and scrounged and put it in the bank, then, after a process of elimination and comparison and re-comparison and research and forehead massaging, I purchased my camera on-line at  Yes.  I did.

Wal-Mart sells it below what the recommended price and it saved me almost $150!!  Plus, free shipping to my door.  Soon, I will be shooting 1000s of pictures!  With!  A! Nikon D90!!!!!  It should be here in a little over a week.  So, instead of whining about getting a camera, you will likely be seeing me writing scathing commentaries on delivery companies and their short-comings.

I have had many kind people offer me their opinions on which is the better camera.  I have taken their suggestions into account.  I compared those cameras side by side.  The guy at the local electronics store was nice enough to take a couple out of the box for me so I could have a look and a feel unfettered by security devices.  I have also done much research on the internet and when I narrowed it down I bought a book concerning the camera in question. By the time I arrived at the right amount of money, my decision making process turned to where to buy it.

So, it is on the way...or will be in one to two business days!!  I cannot wait!!

In the meantime I will be finishing the sign I have been working on in the back yard.  I need only touch up a few details and then I shall deliver it!  After that I shall have my yard back again!!  ...And the two small tables that we usually set our beverages on...they have been supporting the sign.

We had grilled steak and zucchini last night.  Our zucchini plants finally delivered a zucchini!!  I took that baby and sliced it up, rubbed some olive oil on it and some of my home-made Johnny's seasoning and then threw them on the grill.  I did that with store bought zukes the other day, but the taste difference was incomparable!  The fresh zuke, even after sitting on the grill, was crisp and fresh and heavenly!  It complemented the steak, too.  "Hi, I'm a sliced zucchini.  Wow, Mr. Steak, you look good today!  Well done!" (You didn't expect that one, did you?) (oh, and the pun, did you get the pun?  "well done"  I can't believe all this stuff comes out of my head!!)

Anyway, back to my camera.  I will pet it and love it and care for it and sleep next to it and I will name it George.
Cora may get jealous.


Cora said...

It better make me skinny that is all I have to say!

Lorrene said...

What a deal!! I know you'll love it. The wait for the delivery will be horrible.
Walmart is the way to go. That was a big savings.

Kelly said...

I'm so jealous!! I want one, too.