Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finished Product!

I finished the sign.  Here you see what it was like before.

Then, after about two weeks of off and on work, you get this:

I am told it looks really good on the building.  I have had more than a few complements on it.  So, I guess I CAN add "Sign Painter" to my repertoire.

The past few days have dragged, for no other reason, but the fact that my beloved camera remains in that odd place called "IN TRANSIT" by our lovely shipping networks.  I can only hope it arrives before the weekend, for then I will spend my entire weekend getting to know my precious!  (Which, by the way, remains without a name, since no one has the courtesy to comment with name suggestions but my beloved wife!  COME ON PEOPLE!!  NAMES! or vote on those suggested!!  PLEASE!!)

I have regaled my coworkers with the wonders of my camera.  One, for the shear humor I assume, wants me to text him when it comes in.  I imagine he will share the story of the guy he works with and his camera with his friends...I don't mind.  I WILL call to the world and announce I have a piece of picture taking equipment!  I don't know quite how I'll do it, but I will keep it with me all the time!!  That's what you do with new members of the family.  We did that for Toby!

Well, work calls and I can only ignore it for so long.  May your day be short and the nights be long!  (i.e., work gets over sooner and you have more time to spend with your loved ones, jeez I hate explaining myself, but Cora would come on and say I was wishing for winter...which I am NOT!)


Lorrene said...

What a beautiful sign. Exactly what a place, like a juice factory, needs. It really is beautiful !!!
You might try calling that camera "the other woman" since you are so in love with it.
That's what Karen named the Bridge that Dennis was involved with. I think it's a girl camera. How about Fablu? You know, for fabulous.

Cora said...

The sign does look great.

Aunt Karen said...

Just call her, Babe. Try it out in a few sentences just don't stand to close to Cora when you test the name. "Cora, have you seeeen Babe?", "Babe and I are going.....