Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love a Fast Film!

My camera has a super-sensitive...err...sensor.  The sensitivity is measured as ISO, which is basically the old ASA from the film days.  Remember?  You used 100 ASA/ISO for bright daylight and you used 400 ASA or more for evenings with a flash.  I used 1600 ASA film once and liked it because it made, after a 2 minute exposure, the night look like day.  Well, this lovely, wonderful camera of mine goes all the way up to 6,400 ISO.  Have a look at the picture below.  It used a 1/4 second exposure, and captured this.  Admittedly, the street like was on, but WOW!!
The lens has Vibration Reduction, which is why I was able to hand-hold the camera at 1/4 second.  Is it me, or does that picture look AWESOME?

OK, well, how about this one?  And please keep in mind that I was just testing my camera's abilities and not going for mega-artistic expression.
SO, I have to say that Night Shots probably won't be a problem.

I LOVE that camera!


Cora said...

super fantastic.

Lorrene said...

Really great. I don't think I have ever seen a picture like this before. You're going to be selling camera's for the camera company.
Maybe they'll want you to come and work for them.