Friday, July 16, 2010

Signs of Change!

Above, you see the finished product upon the building.  Looks pretty good to me!

Below you see my next project!
Yes!  This one will be a little more complicated, but I am sure I can do it.

I had a very good day at work.  Someone had the day off and that absence lent the day a positive spin.  Amazing how stressful one person can make a day.  He seems to think himself superior to everyone there.  He cannot work alone without bellyaching.  He is not very good at interpersonal relationships and is startlingly blunt.  He is not skilled with machines and is next to useless when you ask him to do something that might require thinking out of the box.  He has issues that I try to take into consideration, but is exceptionally difficult to deal with.  So, with his absence I enjoyed a particularly nice day!

I think the sign will be part of my weekend, if only to take my mind off another absence,  my beloved camera.  I have to badmouth FedEx now.  That package has spent at least two days in FedEx facilities...sad, huh?  It is either winging its way to me now or next week...I know which I prefer...

I am looking forward to getting my camera. There are SO many things I want to try.  Many of them include long exposures.  Some can be short exposures.  I am just very excited and looking forward to using it!


Lorrene said...

The sign really looks great.

Fedex running all over the united states with your camera is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

When you buy something from Wal Mart on line, some things you can have it shipped to the store with no cost to you,they can get it in 3 to 7 days, that how I got My camera from them.
CJR from Okla

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't know they made you pay a menbership cost to have it sent to site to store now at Wal Mart,sorry

CJR from Okla