Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Deathly Silence Followed

I live in a small town.  I am normally fond of that.  There are some downsides.  I am recognized every time I go to the store.  There are no decent stores, except for the small one that sells overpriced items.  We HAVE to have a post office box.

It's that last one that so often offers us trouble.

Every time I fill out a form to buy something on-line or fill out my address on an address line, I have to add our Post Office Box.  Some forms don't allow this, but if something comes through the mail, we have no choice!  So, I am conditioned to add this little bit of detail to EVERY form I fill out.

It was no different when I purchased my camera one week ago.

Before I continue, I submit that tracking a package can create rage in a person who sorely wants to have his item.  Tracking the item from one point to another (especially if one makes the mistake of taking free shipping) and watching it sit in one place for 24 hours at a time is enough to drive one mad.

My beloved camera was in Kent for twenty-four hours and then it moved from there to Federal Way...this morning I found it has been put in transit to our local post office.  It WAS travelling via FEDEX.  I had assumed (wrongly, obviously) it would arrive on my doorstep.  Now I see that it will go to our small post office, due in no small part to my inclusion of our PO BOX.

It had a small note to the side that says it may take an extra two or three days.

When I read that...a deathly silence followed...

I may have to hit or break something or scream or pull out my hair or something.

Yeah, tracking a package is NOT nearly as satisfying as it should be.      

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Lorrene said...

I discovered that also. I ordered something that was to be delivered by Fedex and it was delivered by the post office.
You must not have been given the option, but when I ordered my laptop I had it sent to the local Walmart so I could pick it up there. I think they call it