Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday

So this morning I got up late. I made coffee and then proceeded with my normal morning routine. I spent more time than usual on the internet checking Facebook and blogs and email. Cora joined me shortly after I got the coffee going (that is the only way to get her out of bed-if we ran out of coffee, Cora might never get out of bed. I can't blame her, I'd be much the same, but she has a higher tolerance for caffeine separation than I I HAVE to make it.).

We worked on the house. She wrapped presents and we made an awesome oriental salad (Cabbage salad, but it has oriental noodle flavoring). we got a bit lazy and watched a couple movies. We watched Night at The Museum II and Hangover. Hangover was funny.

Maybe I will secretly attend another showing of AVATAR!!! Don't tell Cora!

And Happy Birthday Granpa.


Cora said...

shut up I would to get out of bed about noon, lol. and if you can find a non-3D version I will go go to Avatar again too.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YUMMY... oriental salad...
Hangover is tooo FUNNY..
we have seen it 3 times..
Have a great day cleaning..