Tuesday, December 1, 2009

King of His Domain...and Mine.

So, I walked into our bedroom this evening and saw this on the bed. Which is nothing special. He roosts pretty much where he wants to...though he does have a few spots he is not allowed and he has learned not to go there.

It is slightly blurred because he asked me to turn off the flash and I was holding as still as I could.
But, maybe it isn't obvious why I took the picture of the cat. You see, he was very relaxed. I know many people will say you can't lead a more relaxed life than a cat. I'd normally say that's true, but I think it is more pronounced with our cat. Sully was reclining. See?

O.K., you can see he was reclining now, but that picture just doesn't show the complete, utter, and some may say obscene relaxation he was enjoying at that moment. So please allow me to introduce exhibit A:

Yes, that is how he sleeps. I know I have probably mentioned it before and maybe posted pictures. I know Cora has. Still, he is the only cat I have even known personally to spend SO much time on his back!

So, I taught again today. I taught for only the third time at a middle school, but already, kids know and remember my name. I looked around to find a smiling face. That made me happy. I happened to be subbing for the teacher next to the room I had subbed in a week and a half ago. So, the kids next door recognized me and remembered my name. I was teaching sixth graders today, and they seemed to think I was pretty spiffy. I know it sounds like I am bragging. I just enjoy the feeling of being able to get 25 kids to do what I want and not have to be a hardass about it. I wish I could share the feeling. I like what I do.

I think the lack of light is making me lazy and sleepy and maybe a little grumpy. I like the sun. I miss those long summer days! Also, it's frickin' cold outside!

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Cora said...

Love that cat. He need to be brushed though you want to do it? :0)