Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She Wore a Two Hour Delay

OK, Prince didn't sing THAT, but it works. There are no raspberry berets to be seen today. But there IS a two hour delay! As you can see I have been busy shoveling and sweeping!
You will note the absence of Cora's car...REAL JOBS don't have two hour delays...or snow days for that matter. On the other hand, I actually enjoy going to work (sometimes, I regret getting there, but there are few days like that). I made sure her car was free of snow and ready to go...although, I forgot to start it up for her.
You might be interested to know she made it and that the roads between here and her job were fine, they only got bad in the towns.

In taking the above photos, I just missed the quail...I put seed out for the birds and there was a covey of quail enjoying my generosity when I rudely stepped out the door and interrupted their breakfast.

OH, Regis and Kelly just came on and Anderson Cooper is in for Regis--why in the world would you ever give your kid a last name for a first name? Can you imagine the confusion experienced by teachers when he was growing up? I imagine him being called Cooper as a first name and also being called Mr. Anderson...

I wonder if he hates his parents. I think I have it bad with my name, but jeez, I wouldn't blame him for smacking his parents on his birthday every year. "Thanks for the stupid name, Mom!," SMACK! "Dad, next time you name a kid, call him Bill or John, or, for crying-out-loud, even Sue!" SMACK, KICK!

Ok, then, I will leave you to ponder that.


Grandma L said...

He hee he, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for the giggle.

Edna said...

just don't look too closely at the lack of shoveling that went on across the street. :-)