Saturday, December 19, 2009

Up Days

So, there was the Winter Program where we all sang a bunch of Christmas tunes. Here is a picture of the kids practicing.
and here is one of them during the program!
It was a great day!

Cora and I went and saw Avatar last night. Great movie! You should definitely see it!

This afternoon we did some shopping. It was so very crowded you would think that this was the last weekend before Christmas.

We came home tired from wading through the crowds and people. As we approached the house we became aware of something else. The sun had set, but there were lights near the house. Around the corner we realized that flashing red lights were near the house...had something caught afire? We were suddenly very tense! As we came around the corner, we were pleased, yet sad, to see that it was a neighbor's house that had received the attention of the fire department. Turns out there was a chimney fire.

We were pleased to discover that the family that lives there was not spending the night there. And, while it was no picnic, at least no one was hurt!
While out buying presents for the nieces and nephews, we decided to buy something for the new comer, should they ever decide to drop in. We decided Legos would be fun. Of course, when we got home, we wanted to make sure we had gotten all the pieces the box said was verify that we needed to build the things on the box! We did, but here is a pirate ship I made that was NOT on the box.
I don't have a job during this break. The last couple years I have. That may be a problem come bill paying time, but we shall deal with that then. Right now we are ok.

We finally got to see the latest Dr. Who episode. The Waters of Mars was not a bad episode, but it is obviously leading up to the loss of David Tenant, whom all Dr. Who fans will mourn. David Tenant has brought a fun and complicated personality to Dr. Who. We saw him as the Young Barty Crouch in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We will never forget him as Dr. Who!

Some people just don't get Dr. Who. It is something difficult to explain to those who are uninitiated. Dr. Who is from the Planet Gallifrey. He is a TIME LORD. He is THE doctor. He fixes things...but this time, I am not so sure. You had best Google him if you want to know more. Even better, you should watch the show.

the Ood shall determine that, though.

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