Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas ALL!!!!!

Merry Christmas from Cora and me! I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy family and friends! Oh, and presents...lots of presents!!!!
The Dogs were ecstatic about the chance to go for a ride...they sat in the car for 30 minutes because they came out and the door was open. They crawled right in! So we left them there until we'd packed the car.

The family was waiting. We had a great Christmas Eve!
Even the little things made us happy!

Just taking a picture made Cora happy!
But having family nearby was the best. Look at the SISTERS!
but, they weren't the only ones having fun! Here I am with my SIL and BIL. (one of us is carrying a parasite...)
I'll let you decide...the picture below might give a hint...see the distended features of this guy? He is obviously in pain and maybe he's a little constipated!
The dogs had loads of fun...Toby was completely dragging this morning...see his eyes?
When we got home Gypsy and Toby both were dog tired...literally! They both just laid down and slept for about three hours each!

Cora and I took the time and opened our own gifts and relaxed. It was a wonderful Christmas. I want to thank our family for that...and Cora. The day was a good one. We appreciated family near and far, wishing for our loved opnes who could not be there to at least feel our love. This evening, Cora and I are playing Wii and enjoying each other's company.

Life is good.

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Cora said...

Life is pretty OK! I had a great day and someone should tell molly the basketball look went out last year LOL! I had a great time.