Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Morning

This wonderful cold I have is not even coming close to giving me congestion that I can deal with. I can feel it everywhere, but in my nose, which makes it difficult to get rid of it with a kleenex. I have a sore throat and sore muscles. I slept pretty good until about 3am, at which time the cold meds went out on me and I awoke. I took some more, but my throat is sore and sleeping isn't easy.

The stockings are hung by the furnace with care.
The lights on the cupboards add a nice flair,
but the ones on the tree are nicer by far.
There's an angel on our tree, but no star.
the gifts beneath the tree are all in their place,
one is amazed they take up such space!
The cookies await Christmas Eve pleasure,
before willing hands unwrap their treasure.
So much to be seen, so much to be heard,
all I can spare is a few Christmas words:
Merry Christmas to all, and this is the reason,
I hope you all have a nice holiday season!

Admittedly, not all of you celebrate Christmas, so let me also wish you a happy Kwanzaa, a happy Hanuka and a Happy New Year. I know I am missing a few other holidays, but, I wish you happy ones of those, too. Also, my sisters-in-law are celebrating their birthdays and so is you Kylee from AZ. Happy birthday girls!

now, I think I will court sleep again...wish me luck.

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