Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Questions Pending

When is the next eclipse for our area? The answer to that is December 2010.

When are the days going to grow longer again? I know the answer to that. December 22.

Is that soon enough? NO.

When will we be travelling to Africa? Don't know. Not a clue. Probably some Tuesday in 2040.

What is the use of calculus?

When will we take our lives off hold? Shortly after we travel to China...probably sometimes after 2055, which is when I expect China to assign us a child.

Why can't Oprah show up at the door and want to give us a large sum of money to make things easier?

When will the next Dr. Who season begin here in the US?

When is the next time I get to visit an Air Museum?

Why do air museums make me happy?

What happens when you ask too many question?

Can I have a TARDIS for Christmas? I need to get away from it all.

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