Sunday, December 6, 2009

Electronic Rights

Phooey on you! Stupid copyrights people! I bought a song a few months ago. LEGALLY. I wanted to listen to it last night, but my music player told me I no longer had the usage rights for it. Nowhere in the stuff I looked at when I was downloading it did it say you are paying for temporary usage rights. The site I download it from said that the problem may be temporary or may be permanent. Basically, they no longer have the rights to distribute the song. But they did a few months ago...when I bought it.

I think the US recording industry, the copyrights, and these frickin' "legal" sites need to get together and realize that people are more likely to illegally download songs if the legal means is unfairly...well, just plain ridiculous. I am telling you, if the recording industry wants my money, they'd better let me listen to what I buy when I want, where I want!

OK. Off my soap box.

So, it snowed last night. It was enough to elevate my mood. The flakes were coming down and you could actually hear it. A sort of muted white noise. It was all very peaceful. I had been experiencing a bit of adoption blues right before that, but some of that washed away when I stepped out on the porch to view the wonder of nature that was falling on the world around me. This was all very nice until...

The wind began to blow a frigid arctic blast that took the snow which had managed to collect on the ground and blew it to somewhere, and I am guessing here, in Idaho. I believe the house moved a couple feet to the west, too.

Today, I will brave the cold and go out and get some of our decorations. I will also give the house a bit of a cleaning...depending on the amount of energy I am able to exert without depleting my reserves. Cora will probably be working on a dress. Right now, though, I am very interested in creating an edible work of art...that is breakfast or an early lunch.

Yes, I will start with some food first.

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