Thursday, December 3, 2009

Battleships and Ham

We had ham for dinner tonight. I put Cora's Cranberry Sauce on it...and WOW! Genius! The ham was awesome. The rest was...ok. On the bright side, I can make some potato soup tomorrow with bacon and ham.

I worked at the El today. I feel at home there. The wonderful teachers there make me feel so welcome! Wish I had a stupid elementary cert...go figure. I made a few sales of our pans...or THAT'S MY PAN. Go to Cora's site and see what I mean. These things are awesome!

I have been trying to download a game the past two nights. Yesterday morning I tried to download a game called The Battle of Jutland. It, surprisingly, is a simulation game based on the...get this! BATTLE OF JUTLAND! Those advertising folks are geniuses! The Battle of Jutland was a sea battle that took place during WWI. It was the greatest concentration of hostile battleships in battle, ever. The German High Seas Fleet met up with the British Grand Fleet...and then turned tail and ran. Even though they were literally blowing the British out of the water. OK, maybe the Brits had a numerical superiority.

Anyway, I have a new computer now and have ALWAYS loved Wargames/simulations. My first was an SSI game that was centered around submarines. I could put a lot of Japanese ships on the bottom before I got a little too cocky and a Kaibokan took me out. Then there was Great Naval Battles III! Wow! You could fight tons of battles and you could see the turrets turn and the guns go off and you could listen in on Aviators talking on their radios. You could be an admiral or a lowly gun captain. I have played a few others. One was where you used a harrier to drop bombs on the island nation of Timor. Another was could take your badass helicopter and blast tanks and other helicopters. I have tried others I could not stand. Still, simulations are becoming a rarity in the computer world. Having found this one I am trying to download it and try it out. I can do that for a month and decide if I want it.

I had the whole thing downloaded, all 600+ MB, and it gave me an error when I tried to install it concerning Windows 7. Well, being the slightly wary computer owner, I got out of it and then deleted it. I then wrote the developers and asked if they knew if it would work with Windows 7. They wrote back and wanted to know what error it had given...I had already erased it...stupid! So, here I am downloading it for the second time tonight, because I was within a few MB of it being done the last time and closed the wrong window!!! I mean, have you ever done something and then cussed yourself out because you should have thought a little longer or harder before acting? Yeah, me too, all the time.

So, here I am waiting for it to download while waiting for Survivor so I can try and load it so it will give me an error message which I will mail to the developer...yeah, I know. Go get a real life, huh? Well, if you have some 15 inch naval rifles for me to fire at moving battleships...let me know. Until then, I will pretend.

until that time, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

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coughnerdcough...dang this cold it is terrible. Love you