Monday, December 21, 2009

Who knew It Could Do Such Things!?

This is about our camera, which we have had for 2 years now. It has shot tens of thousands of pictures, ranging from cool things we got in the mail, to birds on the front lawn, to aircraft. That last subject is my favorite.

I took the camera with me on a drive this morning. I like to take a camera with me. You never know if you are going to see something worth blogging about, and if you have a camera it makes a post cooler to have pictures. Plus, I am hoping to one day prove the existence of UFOs, Bigfoot, or the Yakima River Monster (No such thing, just made it up...but that'd be cool, huh? and anyway, you can't prove there ISN'T a Yakima River Monster! HAH! Got you!) and if you don't have photographic evidence, no one will believe you!

So, I took the camera on a drive. I found an appropriate subject and began snapping pictures. It was foggy out and I wanted to use the fog to make nasty things look nice by erasing their backgrounds. So, I am snapping pictures, going through the various modes that I have used a hundred thousand times. I push the button one more time and WOW! What's that!?!?!? A wide screen mode? I never appreciated widescreen pictures until I got a widescreen computer. Now I simply MUST have this! I selected it and look at these photos!
Did I mention I am partial to sepia?
and I am kinda likin' lichen!
Oh, and I like using macro...didja notice?
Anyway, I was really pumped by the way this thing works. I love this little camera and have since we got it. It is simply a Canon Elph powershot. It takes pretty good pictures, though I would love to get a large Nikon SLR. I can only imagine how these photos would look with a camera like that!

Oh, yeah, so my point was I know I have seen this option for widescreen before, but I don't think I ever tried it out...which is strange, since I don't feel right about a camera until I know it inside and out. I had obviously forgotten something! How very disappointed I am in myself! Still it is a happy discovery and these will give me some photos to put up as my background. What do you folks thing? Do you like my photos?

OK, the grass was forced, but I SOOOOO love macro!

The rest of the day was spent making the kitchen ready for the frantic baking party Cora and I are going to hold tonight...I promised to help her...I may even get to lick a beater! Now the house looks pretty good and I am pooped. Go figure.


Grandma L said...

I think your pictures are out of this world. No kidding. They are fantastic. Could you leave the camera to me in your will. Please!!

Charissa said...

LOL Grandma L.

I agree, those are some nice photos-- you might even think you have a little talent there bro.