Thursday, December 10, 2009

So This is Thursday/ And What Have You Done?

Another day over/ a new one just begun... This Thursday song was brought to you by John Lennon!

So, it is Thursday, another day closer to the weekend. I can't wait. I tried to decorate yesterday after work, but gave it up for a bad job and made dinner instead. I made fajitas...using a homemade mix. I may have used just a smidgen more cayenne than the 1/4 teaspoon called for...oops. Cora seemed to think it was similar to having a mouth full of hot lava. I told her I thought she would like it since she has been complaining about being so cold. She replied that her mouth had not been cold. Maybe I should figure out a cayenne body rub.

I don't really think it was that bad, but I was drinking sub-zero beer... well, that's not entirely true. I had the ice chest outside on the back step. This 0 degree weather has been keeping it nice and cold. I have been checking it, but none of the cans have exploded, so everything was fine...or so I thought. I'd forgotten about the two or three bottles of soda that were in there. Last night I grabbed a beer from the top and it smelled of root beer...I moved a few cans aside and found that the bottles did not hold up to the temperatures as well as the cans...I brought the ice chest inside to thaw.

We decorated the tree Tuesday night. As you can see Cora was appreciating the fact that I have about 14 or 15 airplane ornaments on the tree. Whoever thought of making airplane ornaments for a Christmas tree was a genius. The only thing is, I think there ought to be a few war types...and F-4 Phantom would look cool on there! You may also be able to see the USS Voyager in the photo...airplanes and Star Trek. Awesome. Except she won't let me buy the Klingon battlecruiser that Hallmark has this would make a perfect addition!

So, here we are...decorating the tree...well, standing in front of it.
I cannot wait for Friday. This getting up in the morning thing is really getting to me. I need a few days where I stay in bed (while Cora brings me coffee and things, obviously) until noon, at least.

I don't know what we are doing this weekend yet. I know that a certain redheaded nephew has a birthday coming soon, so I expect my beloved sister to throw some sort of party together at a moment's notice and all the adults invited can expect to experience some kind of mildly degrading challenge where they lose some sort of dignity to complete some task while having a bunch of fun with a wonderful family. I think she does it to remind us that family is a pain, but well worth it. Of course, I may be reading more into it than there is. She may simply like to see her older brother doing childish things and enjoy having photographic proof of such never know about sisters...

On a final note, I just realized I may have an RCA dog:

Remember the RCA logo? Two dogs listening to a gramophone? Now we need a pup and a gramophone and we'll have it made! -err, is RCA still in business???


Cora said...

Well at least we got the tree up, even if that maybe it this year. looking forward to the weekend.

Grandma L said...

I think Toby wants a bone to chew on.

Charissa said...

You two are cute, especially Cora. I don't think I've ever seen your guys' Christmas tree in person before.