Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, or at Least Being Grumpy...I Think.

Saturday! We waited for one last order to come for "That's My Pan." Then we got in the car and did some running around. We visited the new Wal-Mart on the other side of town. It is large and clean and the clientèle is not nearly as entertaining or as annoying as it is at the other one.

We had lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant. It is one of our favorites. I enjoy the salted glass with lime they provide for the Dos Ekkis. The food is fantastic. Both Cora and I think it is the place to eat.

When we got home we unpacked the car and I began to work on my computer...rather I went in search of the video editing software we got with our camera last year. Could not locate it. I did however find some music CDs that had not been loaded on to Cora's music player. Or our computers. So, I am loading those onto my computer.
We don't listen to that much just happened to be open to that page when I took the picture.

We bought some dog food. The dogs have been getting low and I am sure what they had was getting a bit stale. You should have seen Toby's reaction to me putting the bag down. He got a wild, happy, semi-manic look in his eyes. His eyes were all on the bag, it was like I was invisible.
Here he is guarding his dish from his bed. It's ok for Gypsy to eat out of it, so long as Toby gets to observe her. Usually he stands over her while she eats, as though he put the food there and she must thank him. Also, he has to make sure the cat doesn't eat dog food, because the cat has never shown interest in it, and cats are so sneaky that they plan ahead for the day that the dog forgets to watch his food and then the cat will devour every last morsel, and possibly destroy Tokyo. So, no wonder the dog guards his dish with such determination!

Ah, sweet dog food!
Tomorrow, I think we will decorate a little and...who knows...maybe work at getting into the Christmas spirit...sometimes that's hard.

After all, we were told we would be travelling to get our child from Africa in June. The exact words were "warp speed," I believe. I don't talk about the adoption much. But, sometimes it just gets to us. We are still in line in China, but this Africa adoption was supposed to be speedy! We just want to be parents! How is one supposed to enjoy the joys of the Christmas season, the wonder of fresh snow, the fun of a good snowball fight, or anything else without a kid? We just want to share our lives and the joy of discovery with a little one. Why is it so F***ING hard?

sorry. sometimes the wait gets to me. I usually hide my feelings, but sometimes, I need to let a little of the frustration we feel out. I know it WILL happen, but sometimes, the numerous upsets, vague notions of time, and delays are hard to get over.

I just stepped outside. It is snowing. Funny how a change in weather can pick up one's spirits! I'm feeling a little better, so don't get all sentimental on me.

Tomorrow will be good and we will get some things done. I hope everyone else has a good weekend!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

sounds like some yummy food..
go get your tree.. and have fun ...
As for the babies. .they will be here soon.. I know it is hard.. but it will fall into place..
Have a great Sunday..