Friday, December 18, 2009


I am a nerd. Nerd to the 7th power probably. No, I have never gotten dressed up in a robe to see a Harry Potter movie, nor have I ever donned Star Trek attire just for fun (I did it once in High School, but that was for a skit, so I don't think it counts). Thinking it might be fun to dress as a Klingon, but being mainstream enough to know that is a fantasy that will never be realized, well, that's different...(I don't think that counts either)...I was JUST thinking. Anyway, I bought tickets to Avatar the movie that just came out.

So, here's the thing: I think it is an awesome movie...I believe that, in itself, rates it at about 7 stars on a 5 star scale or six thumbs up on the Siskel and Ebert Scale. I'm not saying I loved it (OK, yes, I am.) but, I will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD. I wonder if they will have any figurines...

For those of you who don't know, it is a story of a crippled Marine who gets to go to a different planet and play with a remote control body. In so doing, though, he gets lost on the planet among the native people. The movie has a strong environmental message, that I wish people in developing nations might see, still, it isn't so blatant or overwhelming that it makes you gag. It's a case of trying to get to know your enemy and finding that you are really brothers. It is a VERY good story, well developed by American movie standards, and the entire thing is like a great tapestry that has been woven together with nary a thread out of place.

The animals on this alien planet are well planned, and terrifically portrayed. The culture of the Na-vi reminds one of Native Americans, or for that matter, any native culture that values the land on which they live.

The machines, though futuristic and wild in capability, were believable enough and well designed. One can imagine getting into one and potentially flying one. Everything had the feel that it belonged. It worked the way it felt like it should.

I believed this movie...and isn't that the idea of a movie? To make the audience BELIEVE, if only for a moment? I enjoyed it. I may eventually love it (when was the last time I said that about a movie? [Never]).

This movie was made by the same guy that made Titanic. Remember as the ship slipped under the waves? Remember the Diamond? Remember the old lady? Remember Leonardo De Caprio slipping into the cold waters of the North Atlantic? No? Me neither, all I remember is Kate Winslet's breasts. I think Avatar is better than Titanic, except the breast part, although, those are some HOT alien women!

Would I recommend this movie? HELL YEAH! Especially if you like Sci-Fi...but, even if you aren't a big fan. As long as you can follow a plot, I think you will like it.

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