Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yesterday, I sat down on the floor and began brushing Gypsy. And I brushed. And Brushed. And Brushed. And brushed.

and brushed.

and brushed.

and brushed.



and by the end of it, 45 minutes later, I still had Gypsy, but I also had a pile of fur that was ruff-ly (sorry, couldn't resist a dog pun) the size of Gypsy. See below:
If you are wondering why we waited, well, we like to do it outside because her fur flies. Also, why in the heck did she start shedding in the middle of winter? Maybe we should make her sleep outside and see if she stops...ok, I won't do that. On the other hand, she enjoyed the extra attention. She repeatedly rolled into the pile of fur I was amassing and spread it over a wider area in her attempts to get closer...apparently all girls like a spa treatment.

Below you can see her enjoying Toby's monkey. She doesn't usually show much interest in toys...unless no one is looking.
I think she looks about 10 pounds lighter and a good deal more comfortable.


Cora said...

I still can't believe I caught her with a toy. Thanks for doing the dirty job of brushing her out.

Grandma L said...

She looks so pretty with her hair brushed out.And by the way, I think you are the one that said "Let it snow" Not a good idea. You can stop it any time now.