Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day Fun and Today Misery

So we managed to finally link up with my family on the day after Christmas. It was worth the wait. My wonderful sister got me a remote control helicopter...FUN! and, well, being with family is always fun.

We came home and relaxed. It was about bed time that I recognized the signs of my cold regrouping. My throat got sore and itchy and I kept getting this wheezy cough. I took some cold meds and hit the hay. I woke up sometime around 1 or 2am thinking I could not breathe. Turns out I was fairly close to the truth. Still, I could not blow my nose because there was nothing that close to the surface...weird feeling. Of course, the drugs were night time, so I was REALLY tired...that didn't help.

I ended up in my chair...a bit more upright. I don't know if it actually helped, given that there really doesn't seem to be any congestion, but even if it was psychosomatic, I got a little more rest. I did manage to watch the first episode of Babylon 5 and began watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 before I did finally get to sleep.

Today we took it easy. My cold or whatever it is has taken up defensive positions and even managed to push some of my immune system into some weak positions. There were reports that I may not make it, but we(My immune system and me) pulled back and regrouped. I took another bunch of cold meds and, while the battle is not won, it is turning! I shall endure and OVERCOME!!!!!

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