Monday, December 7, 2009

Handy Cat

Have you ever had trouble finding your keys or your wallet after you take them out of your pants? How about that extra pocket change? Lost that again, too? Well, search no more with HANDY CAT! This marvelous invention combines the natural laziness of the common house cat with the handy-grabbit usefulness of one of those magnetic parts plates that mechanics use! Yes, after you take the things from your pockets and lay them atop the slumbering feline, as shown, and go do what you need to do. In this case, take a nice long shower! When you come out this lovely house cat will still retain your personally affects. There is no searching for what table you put your keys on, just go to where the cat was last! Simple and handy! Easy to use! Does require small amounts of cat food and numerous semi-flat places to lie. Not sold in stores! Call NOW!! Supplies won't last!


Cora said...

That Cat Burgler

Grandma L said...

That is exactly what I need. I spend more time looking for things than anything else.

Kelly said...

That's hilarious!