Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7th, Monday Morning Blues

Well, sixty-eight years ago, in the early morning hours, on a Sunday, the residents of Pearl City, Oahu, a small town at the northern end of Pearl Harbor, were shook from their beds by the rumbling and buzzing of an air raid. It wasn't the first time that Army bombers had buzzed the island, but it WAS the first time that the aircraft were not American.

In the ensuing mayhem, as the word got out, and numerous Japanese fighters peeled off from the main force to go sight seeing and shooting, and the columns of smoke began to soar upward, it became obvious that this was not going to be your average Sunday. How many residents woke up that morning with the realization that many in the world would remember this day 70 years on?

Many of us have heard the stories of the sailors. A few of us, those enamored with History, know of the stories of a few civilians. But, really, what was it like to experience it from a civilian's prospective? There, obviously, weren't quite as many explosions in the towns and cities of Oahu, as there were at the Navy Yard and various Army Air Fields. Still, when the US Navy DID get around to shooting back, and they did so surprisingly fast, the shells that went up to find enemy aircraft, but weren't lucky, had to come back down. A lot of the damage suffered by civilians had to do with anti-aircraft shells of varying sizes falling back to earth. Of course, that only held true for those cities nearest the action.

If you want to read about how it was to be here in the Lower 48 that day, please go on over to Grandma's blog and see how she spent that day and the days after. Her brother was present for the attack, and she is a great writer.

So, how many of those days that-will-always-be-remembered have happened? A fair few, I suppose. People discuss Pearl Harbor, JFKs assassination, 9/11, and people before them discussed the day Lincoln was assassinated, but what about the others? How about the day Martin Luther King, jr. was shot? Or the days in October 1962, when missiles were discovered in Cuba? How about The day Mount St. Helens blew her top? Or how about when the Challenger blew up? Or when the Soviet Nuclear Power Plant at Chernobyl melted down? Or the day of the earthquake in San Francisco(it happened in 1988, I have relatively clear memories of that)? Or the day the Wall came down in Berlin? Or the day that the day that the world pulled together to push Iraqi forces out of Kuwait? How about the day the Shuttle Columbia came back to earth in pieces? Do these days pale in comparison to December 7 and September 11?
I suppose that the main difference between the attack on December 7 and September 11 is the one was a military target. The other was a civilian target.

Still, today is December 7, 2009, and I hope we all take a moment to look back and remember the men who died, not just in WWII or at Pearl Harbor, though, they doubtless deserve some attention, but also the men who served their country and died in all the wars, declared and undeclared. It might be nice to remember this continues today. Think about the men who at this moment are packing their ruck sacks and kissing their loved ones good bye, getting ready to go off to foreign lands and serve with honor. This may not be Veterans' Day, but there is no need to have a DAY to remember those who give and gave their all.

So, it is, with such thoughts, that I sit waiting to find a job on Monday morning. The dull gray screens to the substitute sites glare back at me though. Silently telling me there are "No current openings." I am hoping to hear the phone ring. But as the clock edges toward 7am, my chances begin to slim. I may be spending the day at the house, cleaning and staying warm. The temperature outside is about 15 degrees.

Maybe I could paint a painting and post it on Cora's blanket blog and try to sell that to earn money for the adoption...though, I have a few paintings that have not yet been purchased. Still, if you are looking for a gift for that special person, go on over to Cora's Blanket Blog, where she sells baby blankets, children's dresses, and my paintings. We also are selling "That's My Pan" personalized pans and kitchen utensils.

Well, since it looks like I won't be subbing, I guess I will spend the day with the History Channel on and cleaning. I hope your day goes better!

UPDATE: I may be subbing today after all!

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