Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I like people.  I try to be positive about those around me most of the time.  Yeah, I have my judgmental side that ridicules others for the shear joy of feeling better than them, but usually, I am better than that and I can control it. Today, I just had to ask, though, what the heck??? (I had other, more R-rated words, but, I try to keep this a family oriented blog)

I had a pretty good day.  I taught at WHS and was appreciated for my awesomeness.  I know this because high school students have not located their "inside voice," yet, even after 10 years of schooling.  I heard, "YEE-ESS! This is my favorite sub!"  and , "This guy is Sooo awesome!"  I looked up, but they looked the other way.  I knew they were afraid I'd heard.  Nah, that's not true, I don't think they cared.

I then left and sold three color books at the El, and found that I need to bring 12 books tomorrow!  Wow, shaping up to be a good day!

I needed to go into town to get a battery for Cora's key to her car (you should ask her, because I am certain she would not want me to tell you, in all the gory and embarrassing details that I can make up!  Maybe she'll write about it if you ask.).

I got the battery for her key and then went to deposit some checks and got some groceries.  It was when I was getting groceries that I had my WTF moment.  I had been through the store and gotten what I needed (you know, stir fry ingredients and wine, duh!)  I went to the checkout stand.  Ahead of me was a gentleman, harried looking but not out of the ordinary.  Behind me was an older lady, apparently with her grandson.  I grabbed the little divider thingy and put it up so she could put her groceries up.  She looked harried, too.

It was then that I looked at her grandchild.  A little boy devil.  I took a step back.  He was trying to "help" his grandmother.  She told him "thanks, but she didn't need his help."  He started to be more annoying, but paused and looked at her, then said he wanted his mom.  Instead of crying, he simply pushed past me, and the guy in front of me, to a lady I hadn't really noticed.  SHE is the reason I had my WTF moment.

It was her eyebrows.  They...they...well, they weren't there.  I mean, her REAL eyebrows weren't there.  they were gone.  Off to realms and countries unknown.  Who knows, perhaps she had done the luge in Vancouver and left them there.  The point is, there were no eyebrow hairs on her rather homely head.

That isn't what was worst.

It was...


It was what had taken their place.  She had, sometime during the day (probably when her mother wasn't looking at her, but at her daughter's devil's spawn) taken some sort of writing implement and ...if you are squeamish, you may want to skip a paragraph...and...

and...drawn them on herself!


They were not in the right place.  You know, where eyebrows usually hang out (The cool ones, at least).  These, these were...about half-way up her forehead!  As though she were in a constant state of surprise!  She could have a frown on her face...and STILL look surprised.  She could have looked surprised that she was surprised.  She probably slept surprised.  It was...more than I could take.  I had to look away.  When I looked back the cashier had told her to have a good afternoon.  The lady looked surprised.        

I left as soon as I could.  The rest of the evening went...well, I guess I wasn't surprised, but it was a good night.


Cora said...

eye brow placement should be a class in school, LOL.

ccd said...

Funny--- no I changed my mind 'surprising' post.

I have seen a few of those and it's hard not to stare and look aghast. I was at Walmart a month or so back and the checker had the same exact thing going on with her. I had to look at her and it was hard to hold eye contact. Who knows maybe the same person, but it was wrong.