Thursday, March 11, 2010


Mornings, so often, come too early.  Yet, sometimes, I awake with a strange and distinct feeling of being refreshed.  Today is such a morning.  I was awake at 3am, 433am, 454am, and finally at 532.  I decided to just get up the final time.  I had already let Toby come to bed with us a little early, since it is his birthday.  So, I sit, drinking my coffee surfing the internet in the quiet of the morning.  The heater coming on once in a while, or the refrigerator coming on the only sound in the house.  Soon, the crows across the street will begin cawing, or perhaps a dog will bark and the morning noise will begin, but for now it is quiet.  Ahh, peace.

About the boy.  Our little dog who thinks he's big, is eight years old today.  We got him in April or May of 2002 (Cora will have a better memory of the exact date, I do better with airplanes and ships).  He was so small and so cute back then.

This Photo was probably taken when he was about a year old.  He had boundless energy and would go into "Turbo" at any time at the drop of a hat.  ("Turbo" would seem to be a common phrase when describing Jack Russells)  He is a very smart dog, but he chooses when to use that intelligence, as he at times has great hearing and others seems to be just a tad deaf.  The latter is usually when he is outside running at Mach 3.

His "Turbo" moments, where he suddenly has to use his stored energy because if he doesn't he might explode and destroy a small city, are fewer and farther between these days, but they still happen at least two to three times a day.  I suspect they would happen more often, but he is not allowed that chance in the house.  When he DOES go "Turbo" it is difficult on both the house and us.  He zooms from one end of the house to the other.  Often, instead of turning like a normal dog, he caroms(bounces) off the door, wall, or back of the couch.  In order to make these exacting changes in course, the surface he bounces off of needs to be roughly 90 degrees from the vertical.  If there is an untethered rug in the way, assume it will be moved up against the wall.  If he hits it at the wrong angle or something is not as stable as he calculates you can bet he will smash down on his side, but this does not phase him, nor slow him down.

He enjoys hunting small animals and is ferocious and courageous and nearly unstoppable in that quest.  He has been the bane and joy of our lives...amazing what you will turn to when you don't have kids.  He is king of the house, and would tell you that if he could talk.  We have tried to explain that WE are actually in charge, since he would not eat if we did not feed him.  He rarely shows any inclination to listen to our lectures, though.  His favorite toy is his Monkey and he gets nervous and upset when it disappears into the washer.

He was the discount dog.  He has a brown nose and is not show-worthy.  I don't know about that, I think he is pretty cool as dogs go.  We have spent almost eight years with him.  I suppose I would have to be heartless to not be fond of this energetic and loving dog.  It is difficult to deny he has charm.  Sometimes, after I get home, he will crawl onto my lap and demonstrate his ability to be content.  It is the SIGH of CONTENTMENT that gives it away.  Yesterday, he bulldozered onto my lap and would not take no for an answer, of course, my efforts against it were half-hearted at best.  Happy Birthday little dog.

Note the grass stain on that little butt.  If you got this in an e-mail passed around on the internet, you have been looking at OUR Toby's butt...Still cute!


Kelly said...

Awwww..... he's so sweet.

Cora said...

love that sweet dog, brown nose and all.