Saturday, March 6, 2010

ISS Watch

Cora saw on the news last night that the International Space Station could be seen clearly last night at 7:22pm, unfortunately she forgot about it until about 8:15pm.  So, being the bright person I am I looked it up on-line.  The NASA site said we might be able to see it at about 9:00pm, so out we went in coats and pajamas to see the ISS.  Well, I should have taken a little time to try to understand the way to locate the orbiting object, because we didn't see it.  I did however snap the picture above.  You can just make out Cora's smile.  The next time the ISS will be over at a nice time and good angle above us will be tomorrow night, about 6:40pm.  So, guess where we will be tomorrow night?  Yep, out trying to see the ISS sail overhead.  Yeah, we're weird.

The weather was crazy-nice today.  I worked in the yard.  Not that I did much.  Cora deep-cleaned our bedroom and our master bathroom (why do we call it that?  It's obviously NOT a master bathroom, because I would expect a MASTER bathroom to have a dive-in bathtub and a toilet with a seat warmer and drink holder...and maybe a mini-fridge with a flat screen TV...and...well, you get the idea).  I, on the hand, raked up some of the dead plants and leaves and dog crap.  I also cleaned out the garden.  I surveyed where we will put the rest of the garden this year (Expansion Program funded by our stomachs) and took measurements for the flower garden expansion that is planned for this year for the front yard.  

The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  GORGEOUS!!!!  I had to go into town, so I drove with the windows down!  It was awesome.  I saw an old friend who I almost didn't recognize because she was in a new ride!  I waved and smiled and went on my way!  

The sky was beautiful!  Have a look below!

What does tomorrow hold?  Who cares?  Today was awesome!  I think we will work some more on the house.  Maybe some more one the lawn, but I don't know.  I have been threatening to take her to a movie...maybe we will do that.  Dunno for sure.

I wrote a post on my airplane blog.  Give it a look if you like!  



Grandma L said...

My my my !!! How history does repeat itself. Back in the early 50's we used to run out into our yard to observe something called Sputnik. I don't remember if we ever saw the thing and quite frankly I don't even know what it is.

Jimh. said...

Yeah, Sputnik was the first man made satellite. That would have been cool to have seen!