Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ah, This Is The Life

A Friend that Cora went to school with asked me if I would make some paintings for their new addition.  We went over and looked at their new addition, which was awesome, and I made some suggestions.  So, I began working on the paintings today.  She wanted what we have above our door, but in colors more complimentary to their decor.  I began with large shapes and worked down in an over-lapping pattern.  Have a look.  The top picture is the earliest picture.  The second picture is how i left them when I stopped for dinner.
It's been a good day.  We went shopping for a bit.  Then we came home.  Cora began playing her late Christmas present.  I bought her "Endless Ocean II" for the Wii as a late Christmas present.  I had planned on buying it for her in January, but they pushed the release date back by two months!   So, finally, I got her that late gift and she began playing it.  Here Toby has taken ownership of her lap, deciding that complete deflation was appropriate, while she plays her new game.
Cora made dinner while I was painting.  She made Beef Stroganoff...she makes the home-made kind and I know I am totally spoiled, because YUMMMM!!!  It was awesome!

I decided that a picture of the happy couple was necessary!  

It's been a good weekend.  I started by seeing my newest niece.  Continued by taking the dogs up for a walk and then saw a movie.  Today we went shopping and then just enjoyed each other's company...This is why I wish weekends were longer.  Tomorrow I will be teaching first graders.  I'm looking forward to it, but I would not turn down another day with my beautiful wife.

Life is good.


Cora said...

other than losing an hour it was a pretty good weekend.

Grandma L said...

The paintings look great.
Toby has his soft place to fall after that wild hunting trip you took him on.