Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coloring Books Galore!

This morning I snagged a job at WMS.  It wasn't a bad day, and the kids know me, so I didn't have any problems behavior-wise.  Plans were less than perfect, though.  I ended up putting on a show for a couple classes that finished their work early.  I used the document camera.  I started by showing them the pictures in our coloring books, and then finished by drawing requests.  I amazed the kids with what I could draw.  Privately, I was a little amazed myself.  Still, they were more than forgiving or minor mistakes for the simple fact that I drew their pictures right in front of them.  I am a little better with a pen and paper than I am with a dry erase marker, so document cameras make the work more fun.  So, yeah, it was fun for them to call out a request and I would draw it right in front of them.

I then went to the local office store a made 1400 copies.  I printed some Transportation Coloring Books and, of course, the Animal coloring book.  I think we will have a long weekend binding them.  We'll bind some this week, too, but honestly, I was on my feet for an hour and a half copying these.  I need a rest.

Here is a photo to whet your appetite.

I meant to mention:  The other day, on Saturday, I ran into a gentleman who was a phone talker aboard the USS Fanshaw Bay during the Battle off Samar.  He described how eight inch shells from a Japanese cruiser did nothing but plow straight through her bow and out the other side.  It was a fascinating conversation.  Thank you Mr. Gapen.

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