Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Empty Bed

The beds that we have purchase for our beloved animals, while at times apparently VERY comfortable, are at other times no good.  Why animals choose to do what they do is of great curiosity to me.  Why does one dog take a mouth full of dog food and then quickly go outside as though she has stolen something?  Why does one dog need to be shown the dog door before he will go outside at night?  Why does the cat go out the dog door, and then wait for the the front door to be opened to come in?  Why must I show the cat that he has food before he will sit down to eat?

Why does the dog suddenly decide that he NEEDs to sleep on a pillow on the couch instead of his perfectly good bed?  (see below)    
We have on occasion spoiled the animals, but you would think we were torturing them yesterday by the simple act of making them stay outside during the beautiful sunny day.  I was out with them for part of the was comfortable.

We WERE going to watch for the International Space Station, but its cloudy and the best I could do is below...that sideways blur thing is actually a helicopter...ah, well.


Cora said...

I know and why do the dogs act like we have dealt them a severe punishment if we make them stay outside when the weather is nice?

Anonymous said...

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