Sunday, March 28, 2010

Phlog Sunday

So, I decided to try using more pictures today.  I took a ton this week and none seemed to fit with the blogging events.  Below is some SOB who thinks it's a good idea to get up in the wee hours of the morning and ride his bicycle up semi-vertical roads and down again.  I have seen him a few times on my way to work and wondered just why anyone would do that.  I want to say, "You go guy!" but, I can't bring myself to it. I suppose I am too soft and need my morning coffee too much.  Honestly, though, unless there is a war going on and I am in direct danger, I see very little reason to do such a wildly insane thing.  Let's wait till mid-day and go for a stroll instead, shall we?
I have been making copies of our coloring books near the local bus terminal and I have seen some truly questionable grooming habits, a significant lack of manners, and more than a little mayhem there.  I suppose I should not be too surprised at who uses public transportation.  The days of getting dressed up to go to town are long gone and using your manners in public appears to have died with one of the Roosevelts, and it shows.  I have encountered language being shouted across long distances and mixed company that would probably make a sailor wince.  Various acts of violence have been played out.  However, the other day I pulled up and there was a surprising silence from the terminal.  I looked over, expecting to see dead bodies or some other reason for the silence and lack of cursing.  There was a policeman over there and everyone was acting with their...well, not best behaviour...but they were behaving.  Note the sleeping person next to the sidewalk...gotta love the inner-city when it comes to your town!  
I took a self-portrait.  I like this shirt.  Makes me look like a grown-up.
I used to buy Cora miniature daffodils about this time of year.  She planted them in the front and they came up.  I thought this was a pleasing "Alice in Wonderland" view.  I had run the sprinkler for a little while and the water was still on them...nice touch.  I did not see any hookah-smoking caterpillars, though.
I did see a dog...he was a reluctant model.
Here's another view of the Daffodil, which now resides on the kitchen counter.
I love macro, and I think it shows.  Have a look at dinner from last night from close up!
These veggies went on the barbecue and received a nice grilling.
I figured since the coals were already hot, I might as well grill some chicken for today's lunch.  I added smoke...I love hickory smoked everything.  After working over the grill, sometimes I am hickory smoked...and I'm o.k. with that.
Our guest arrived.  She is a very large dog that seems embarrassed to be a very large dog.  Pepper is one of the best dogs I have seen.  I enjoy having her around.  Last night she was sleeping with one leg straight in the air.
Cora and I took out the crayons last night and decided to try out the latest coloring book we are offering.  Cora did the pig...and I am the Walrus.  (if you get the Beatles reference, you get ten cool points)
We have a relaxing day ahead.  I hope you do too!


Grandma L said...

As to the way people look in public reminded me of an incident that happened years ago. My husband and I were in a bus depot waiting for a bus along with about 40 more poeple and I made this comment to my husband in a low voice, "If I looked like that, I'd wanna get outta town too". He was very deaf and said, "What"? So I repeated it in a voice he could hear and all 40 people stared straight at me and I'm sure each one thought I meant them.

Grandma L said...

I have another comment. You really look like one classy dude in that shirt and glasses. And I mean it !!!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Shaved & a collar shirt...totally grown up!