Friday, March 26, 2010

Tire. Tired. Really?

I went to work.  I expected a full day.  It was a half, but the computer said I was being paid for a full day.  I was ecstatic, but knew there must be a catch.  In that particular district they expect subs to stay until the last minute.  In EV, if you have a sixth period plan period, once you are finished with your sub notes (I write it as one word and have been getting a little creative lately) and whatever papers you decide to correct (hello-oooo, when I had my long-term thing, I did not trust a sub to do my papers, why would anyone trust me???) you are pretty much free to go.  Not in school district W.  If you have a sixth period plan period you need to go to the staff lounge or the library to wait so they know where you are if they need you.  Yeah, that sucks.

Recently they began an early release on Wednesday thing.  One of the schools instituted a mandatory sub training group on those early release Wednesdays.  I participated in one of them.  I was not pleased.  Turns out all of the subs I have spoken to think that is bullshit.

We all (all the subs, anyway) got a letter.  This letter said that W school district expects all subs to remain present for the entire day whether there is an early release or not.  I was at first worried that it was a letter to me.  I have since discovered that every sub got one.  I asked a senior gentlemen what he thought of is.  He mimed crumpling it and tossing it in the garbage.  Good.  I was afraid I was the only one.

Turns out that the district sent that letter out, and decided not to inform the schools or the sub-handlers (I don't know the correct term, and although it sounds vaguely pornographic, I prefer it because it also holds some sort of mystery, like a covert-operative-handler).  The sub-handler at the HS today looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I needed to stay until 2:30 to get paid for a full day.  She looked rueful when I explained.  She said they had told her no such thing and the teachers would be gone sooner than we would be if we kept talking.  I decided to trust her and exited the building without further question, destined for bigger errands.

I dropped by Cora's work and picked up her car.  She has had studs on her tires since November.  Which is fine when it's winter time.  It's not, now.  Though, we have had our share of April and March snow in years past, this year is looking up.  The last day to legally have them on your car is April 1st.  I thought, "Wow! I'm off early!  I'm even a few days early!  This should go well!"  Yeah!  I thought that up until I pulled into their parking lot and realized that every other school must have let out early!  The thing was full.  I walked in and they said it would be two hours.  I figured, well, it needs to be done.  I'll just suffer and read my book for two hours.

Yeah.  I know, huh?  Just tow hours.  That's a deal!  Nope.  Didn't turn out that way.  Lets try 3!!  Yep!  Three hours!

Of course, as I sat there, there were 900 people in the waiting room ahead of me.  Still, I chose to be positive and believe this could only get worse the closer we get to the cut off date.  Oh, how wrong I was.

Of course, I sat there reading my book.  Then I realized a lady nearby was having difficulties entertaining her child.  I looked around and realized I had within my grasp, a way to help this poor lady.  I grabbed a napkin (after asking its owner permission) and drew a quick maze on it (trust me, our two mazes may be different-my maze was actually pretty cool).  I handed it to her.  She looked at me with a gratified was then that I realized that was probably pretty weird.  I'm a stranger.  Duhhh!

We ended up talking quite a bit while I entertained her boy.  Turns out he goes to East Valley and I have taught in a class next to his!  I told her this, then mentioned that my wife and I make coloring books and sell them.. She said, so does my daycare lady.  I said, who is that!?  (I thought I had the only coloring book business in town!)  She told me my Mother-in-law's name!  She is the newest of my mother-in-law's parents. Who knew I was talking to a person whose child is in the care of my mother-in-law!?!?!??  Too funny!

I finally got away after three hours.  I then got a little bit of a Safeway six-pack (Have I mentioned the Safeway Six-pack is a six pack of wine!).  When I got home I pulled out into traffic right behind my beloved wife and we pulled into the house at the same time!!

Steak tonight and a glass or seven of wine.  Life is good...for now.

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Cora said...

I love you and I am only on number 6!