Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Birthday

OK, let me get the complaining over with.  OWWWWWWWW!  My legs and several of my muscles hurt tons yesterday.  If I never take the furniture out of a second floor classroom and replace it with heavier stuff again it will be too soon!  There.  That wasn't so bad, was it?

Cora and I went out to dinner for my birthday.  All day she was texting me, asking where I wanted to go to dinner at.  All day I sent here varying messages, apparently full of indecision.  She was really getting annoyed by the end of the day.  I already knew where I wanted to go, but teasing her is SOOOO much fun...and, I got away with it because it was my birthday!

We went to Round Table and got a Maui Zaui Pizza...wowie!  The sweet asian sauce they use is the best!  We washed that down with a few Mack and Jacks African Amber...honestly one of the best beers devised by man in my limited experience!

I did not really ask for anything for my birthday.  Afterall, we've been saving our pennies for a kid, but we splurged a little.  We got...I know, it's childish, but remarkably fun...Legos.  Yes, Legos!  One place had a buy one get one half off special.  So, yeah, we came home with Legos and put them together.
Of course, I chose the airplane!
Look at that radial engine!
It even has retractable landing gear and you can see the oil cooler embedded in the wing!  We got the type that has two or three different vehicles you can make from the parts...pretty darned fun, if you ask me!

I am on Facebook.  I have a few friends.  I was amazed at how many wished me a happy birthday really put a smile on my face as I check my email from my phone a few times while resting between trips to or from the truck...sometimes i was laying on the desk I had just moved.  Pathetic, I know, but you have no clue just how pathetic I can be.  At least today I have a helper!  Yesterday it was all me.

I am on the trailing end of my thirties now and I don't think it is horrible...I think it helps that I usually work with kids...I retain my youth that way.  I sure as hell don't retain it by exercising!


ccd said...

Fun gift. Scott brought back a United lego airplane for Eli. It was pretty darn cool. It has since been disassembled and remade into various other vehicles. Happy BD bro, glad your my brother.

Diana who is logged into a client's account right now said...


Cora said...

Glad you had a good Birthday and glad that the sale on Legos was timed perfectly.