Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wild Things...What?

We watched "Where the Wild Things Are" and I have to say, "WHAT???"  I was expecting a very cool, positive, happy, simple, easy to follow movie that would be fun for kids.


I was surfing the net, keeping an eye on the movie like I usually do.  And was quickly lost in the jumps and boredom of a movie that was apparently meant as an art/metaphoric piece on the trials of adolescent lives.  The art was fantastic.  The photography and the monsters were well devised.  The story?  I don't know, I wasn't paying attention.  I know I would have been PISSED off if I'd have taken my kid to watch the movie...because, even though I am not a kid (Or a parent yet) I am pretty sure they advertised it as a different movie than it really is!  Overall, I give this movie a big thirteen thumbs down.

So, tomorrow, I need to, A.) find a job, B.)collect funds for some of the coloring books I have sold, and C.) mail a few coloring books.  Can you believe the way these things have sold?

I have had kids at the schools tell me they thought I had printed my drawings off the internet.  To which I reply by drawing them a picture in front of their eyes, or another student comes up and tells them to have their head examined because Mr. H is an Artist!  I have had people tell me I am gifted, which is hard for me to swallow, since I think ANYONE could draw like I do, and many do, and better than I.  Still, I suppose the ability to visualize and place things spatially on a paper is not the kind of thing they teach in Kindergarten.  I have worked to get to the point I am at.  I was always jealous of those artists who could make a painting in five minutes, or draw faces at the fair, or make a cartoon character in seconds without sketching.  Now, I can do some of that.  It is something I have worked toward, but I still feel that with patience and determination anyone can do it.

On the down side, I have to keep up my pace, since there is such a demand, and I want to keep up the sales, so a new book is going to have to come...but, where do I get the ideas?  (Many people ask me that)  OUT of my WHOLLY mismatched and poorly working head.  I use all sorts of things for ideas.  I do that without thinking most times, though.  One instance where you can see me consciously looking for ideas would be that picture of the truck from about a week and a half ago.  I used it for the coloring book (next to the last page).  So, it is not completely in a vacuum (well, maybe, if you were to talk to my sister or my wife, they might tell you that the inside of my head IS a vacuum).

Anyway, time for bed!  

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