Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesdays Are Better

I have never been a great friend of Monday, but yesterday, I really hated Monday.  There was a time, during my morning coffee, when I had no real opinion on the day.  It was shortly before I left for work that the day began its turn for the worse. 

I needed to print out a shipping label, but for some reason neither computer could communicate with the printer.  Try as I might I could not figure out how to make the darned things work.  I had to cancel the on-line shipping and then go ship via the post office.  This and my inattention to details like lunch and other things made me a little late to work.

It got worse.  I could not locate my plans for the day.  I CAN shoot from the hip, but life is easier if I have a plan...I finally located a plan a few minutes before the bell rang.  To top it off, i was told my class could be a hand full. The last sub had had a very bad day indeed.  I endeavor NOT to be that kind sub.  So, there was another stress.

As it turned out, the class WAS a bit of a hand full.  By the end of the day I had sent one kid to the principal, and had two more in time-out, they missed PE.  There were other things that proved to me that Monday sucked, but I need not bore you with the sordid details.  Suffice it to say, Monday sucked.

Today is better, though.  I feel it.  It helps that i have a fairly self guided class that does not see three students at my arm every minute to ask how to do something.  They are comparatively well behaved, too.  I had great sub plans and an easy day is lined up ahead of me...this is going to be a good day.

I still have a dentist appointment at the end of the day, but since I think it is a cleaning, it can't be too bad.  This day is SOOOOO much better than yesterday!

Oh, and lunch is nearing!  I love this day!

Of course, it COULD change suddenly, like a hungry lion could burst into the classroom and devour two or three students before I make it to the door.  However, since there doesn't seem to be a huge chance of that, I will continue to hold out hope that this will indeed prove to be a good day.     

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Cora said...

I agree, much better day today!