Friday, March 26, 2010

A Glibness I Don't Feel

Ah, Friday!  Glad to see it come around again.  I hold a small celebration every week on this day.  It means another week is over and some free time is about to begin.  Of course, the weekend zips by and is gone again in about 8 seconds.

That picture was taken at Christmas.  we are both smiling in it.

I feel like reading 19th Century literature.  That should be easy as we have a couple volumes of that from our college days.  I suppose it is because those writers often had a better grasp of the language and a feel for the words that many of us lack today.  I am not sure if I'd rather read Poe or Dickinson.  Either way seems just as macabre and solemn as I feel today.

There are a million things to do and a million things I want to do and only three or four will ever actually see themselves completed.  I have good news.  We got pictures of our boy in Africa but can't publish them.  We also got a letter from the agency that raised troubling questions.  I hate that.  We sent the questions yesterday. We are awaiting their response.

The weather has been beautiful lately and I have sold many coloring books.  Yesterday, someone made a most generous donation for one coloring book!  Last weekend, someone made a similar donation.  It is the generosity and good will of the people around us that has kept us going these many difficult months.  Perhaps that and the sunlight will show us a way through this irritating and damnable fog that has set in.

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Grandma L said...

There is one thing about it. It has got to get better because it can't get much worse. Why you have to have your hearts torn out this way is beyond me. I know there is still a glimmer of hope so hang on to that.